Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

problem solved

i had been grinding my teeth so hard in my sleep that i was waking myself up. and worse yet, i would usually wake up thinking i had a mouthful of rocks or granola and i will continue grinding until i fall back to sleep. yikes. i don't have enough teeth left to fuck with like that. so last night i took a xanax with my sleeper (still tylenol PM), and no teeth grinding. yay!

felix is having a problem with separation anxiety. i swear, he's just as wound up as me sometimes. whenever i go out on the patio to have a smoke, he sits at the sliding glass door and yowls. he stops when i come in. i can't let him out with me because he runs away. i guess i could get the harness and leash out and take him out on that. it's only really a problem when doc is home asleep. well, it's a problem for felix all the time. also, if i curl up on the loveseat and he can't see me from the hallway, he starts yowling, wandering through the house until i call him.

i'm hoping it's just a phase he's going through. i don't want to have to put him on medication to chill him out, last resort. my vet would agree. that's why i love her, she believes in doing things naturally when possible. that's why she waited until jack's fever spiked before giving him a fever reducer, she likes for the fevers to break naturally, but not when it gets that high. anyway, felix. got to get him to calm down.

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