Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


doc and i both got up at noon. he has to get ready for work at 12:30 so that's pushing it. bleary eyed and short of coffee, we both managed to be civil to each other. pleasant, even.

i saw a baby lizard on the wall this morning at dawn. i was up for that. i went to bed at 7:30. two hours after doc went to bed. the lizard was cool. i just wanted to run up and grab it and play with it, but i stifled that urge.

i made coffee, but i really think i want to sleep more before i start my day. do i do it out here with NCIS on to wake me every half hour or so, or do i do it in my room, which is a cool cave where i can cuddle with my blanket and . . . decision made.

tonight i'm setting up my room. stuffed animals along the wall of the bed. journals in the shelf of the "headboard". lights on the glass and mirrored curio cabinet. records, cassettes and tapes at the end of my bed. stacked high. we'll see how high i can go. if i can get within 2 feet of my ceiling, that would be great. then i could have my tent. it's hard to explain, but i have the room to do it. i need a step stool. that's it. we're buying one this weekend.

anyway, that will mostly empty out the laundry room, so i can start to set that up as part pantry. i want to try to get another box off the kitchen floor.

and i want my room put together.

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