Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

boop bop boop

today was such a lazy day. i feel like i did nothing, but i did. i have to explain to the cats that just because we have three litter boxes, they do not need to shit three times more. i appreciate their enthusiasm, however . . .

only another month and a half before i can get more ambien. the tylenol PM is working but i don't want to take it every night or not sleep. i could take the trazodone i have left over, but the side effects kill me. not literally, it just feels that way.

nothing is going on. i haven't really been on the computer today. i've spent a lot of time out in the garage looking through boxes. and out on the patio just thinking. i'm down to hand rolling my own smokes, so i'm not smoking as much as usual. doc found a coupon for the native american smoke shop, so he says he's going tomorrow.

now i'm going to put the laptop down and watch NCIS. then i'll likely fall asleep for an hour. 9- 10 seems to be a magic hour of sleep. barely anything can keep me up. then at ten i'm fine.

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