Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"shut up shut up"

if any of you follow me on twitter, you'll get that subject line.

i can't remember if i took my meds today but i don't feel right, so i'm thinking i'll take them and if i'm retaking them, so be it. okay, now that i take them i realize i don't recognize their surroundings, which i changed yesterday. okay. so i didn't take them and i will feel better in an hour or so. thank the goddess.

i had a dream last night that there was cat puke all over the carpet. i mean ALL over. truly a nightmare. i woke up before i had to clean it.

in reality, all of the cats are doing well.

i slept from 9:30pm until 2:44am last night. then stayed up until 11:30am and slept until 3:30pm. not a good sleep schedule. oh well. it doesn't happen more than it does now. so doc doesn't complain.

i have to go to storage this weekend and get my books. there is nothing to read in this house except a few enigma comics i've already read and a couple of issues of Vegas Seven that i think i will pass on. i knew when i packed up that lovely anne rice collection, i was making a mistake. but i did it anyway and now i'm missing it. i miss the familiarity of character and set. i could easily read Cry to Heaven in a day again.

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