Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

new name

doc didn't like the name "simon". he said it was like i was naming a child. okay. that's just weird. that he thinks that and if i am. ew. so i'm working on changing simon's name to "sy-sy". i've been calling him that when i'm petting and cuddling him, so it shouldn't be a hard transition. i told doc i named him simon because he was the reincarnation of my other cat from 20 years ago, icha simon fugazi. that disturbed him, too. oy. so sy-sy it is.

i updated my shockwave and flash players and now online games and videos don't work. so i went to the adobe site for support and found nothing useful. so i sent them an email asking for help before i send them a "you suck" email. i haven't heard back, so i'm holding off on the "you suck" email until someone tries to help me.

jack is getting better slowly. he sneezed in my face at 3:30 this morning. so he's still sneezey. but his breathing is clearer and his appetite and output are healthy.

leeloo is feeling better. i'm trying to get her to eat more at a time so i don't have to feed her as often with the soft food. she still won't eat the hard stuff. but she's not sneezing anymore.

i have PMS and cramps and i'm not feeling well. all part of the monthly thing. like doc said last month when i almost wept when i got my period, i hate it so much, "it will be over in a week, it will be okay,". he can be amazingly understanding out of nowhere sometimes.

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