Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh YES!

i feel SO much better today.

ionracas pointed something out to me that i don't really think about, but i have 12 years of detailed journals up here. for most of it, you have to have an account and "friend" me and get "friended" back to read it, but i friend everybody.

i wonder how much of it i could stand to read. likely not much. i don't know if i want to remember the horrible things i said and did. i remember being obsessed for years. parts of me still pull toward that, but i kill them as they pop up.

freddie and i have a morning ritual. when i get up and go out for my first cigarette, she comes out with me and eats the shoots of grass clustered at the base of the pine tree. teck was picky, only the youngest and greenest shoots would do for him. freddie is more like a goat, she just chomps away at whatever is green.

i just medicated jack. difficult, but not the two person job doc was making it out to be. you just have to be ready and be quick. he gets pissed for a minute but forgives right away and cuddles and purrs. he threw up in my bed. that's my jack-jack.

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