Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

wow and stuff

i didn't realize until this past week how mad and on edge mike made me all the time. it took me a few days to realize he was gone and wasn't coming home any minute. no more being judged or talked down to. no more living with a right wingnut. now that his cats are gone, he's gone. for good. no one owes anyone money, there is no reason to talk to him ever again. doc has to see him at work, but doc is better at dealing with that than i am. and it isn't like doc has to interact with him at all.

jack is curled up on my bed. i go in and pet him and cuddle him every so often. i miss him. we'll see how long he actually stays in isolation. it's supposed to be ten days, but doc is betting that after five, jack will become more adept at escaping my room than i am at getting in and out of it quickly. right now he doesn't feel good, so isolation is fine with him.

they put his bandage on a little tight from his IV and his paw swelled up. it's still a bit swollen. it looks silly. i put ice cubes in his water so he can play in it with his fat paw.

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