Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

jack update

his fever finally broke around 6 tonight. if they can get it down to 102.5 by tomorrow, we can take him home. he ate a lot, is hydrated, and is peeing. the vet was hopeful. so am i now. maybe i can get some sleep tonight.

doc called mike and told him teck tore up the carpet and it was time for them to go. mike called back twice, but didn't leave a voicemail either time. prick. i'm not keeping those cats. no way.

doc invited me over to Brooklyn's place tonight, but i decided i'd rather go to bed at a normal hour. which will be soon.

did i mention that my brand new ambien prescription disappeared right at the time mike and i started fighting? i don't know where it is, but it wasn't with all my other meds. so i've been taking an OTC PM medication to sleep. just not every night, every three or so nights. i also have trazodone left, but that leaves me so hung over and hungry, it's hardly worth the sleep.

i hope jack can come home tomorrow. i miss him. i keep seeing the back of freddie and thinking it's jack. *sigh*

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