Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

happy wednesday!

jack has been sneezing a lot less after his shower/bath. he actually managed to get some sleep and food in him last night. he doesn't feel well, though.

leeloo is off hard food. she's losing weight, so i'm feeding her special liver and protien stuff a few times a day. she's so old, doc is really worried. so she's going to the vet this weekend. i hope it's the new vet we found. i really liked hanging out with all the rescue cats while we waited for simon when he got shaved and vaccinated.

the toilet i my bathroom is a disaster. first it didn't flush. then he "fixed" it yesterday and today it overflowed. and we sucked so much water up that we broke the shop vac. oy.

so next check, i open a bank account and get my paypal set back up to sell my happy meal toys. then, check after that, i get my new rucksack from the army surplus store. my fun money is spent. doc tried not to be shocked that i spent $50 on two tshirts last night. he just said he thought i said maybe, i told him, no, i said i was doing it. he was cool with it. i still have a lot of money for groceries and the gas bill and probably the water bill. so i can pay my share this month and still get something fun. the check after that is spent on meds already. and the doctor copay. the check after that is for black sheets. though doc may buy the sheets for me. he had mentioned it. it would be an early xmas gift. i need four pillow cases and a bottom sheet. lucky walmart has them separate, so i don't have to buy sets.

i've got to go. Brooklyn is on his way over to hang out for a while. he invited me over to go swimming, but i have to wait here for maintenance to get here and fix my frigging toilet. again. erg.

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