Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

something's up

something is going on with the cats. felix, jack, and leeloo all have the sneezes. jack has them so bad he can't function. we gave him a cool bath and tried to wash his face off. he also has the drools. like a saint bernard. i've never seen so much spit come out of something so small.

the rest of the cats seem fine. none of them have any skin related symptoms like itching or rash, which would be the first sign of allergies, or so i read. we don't dare give them people meds. so cool baths it is. or cool showers, rather. one of us can hold the cat and another can hold the nozzle of the shower. what a loud meowing mess.

i just ordered black flag and a sex pistols tshirts. i figure i'm too old to get them stolen this time, so it's time to reinvest. doc just shook his head when i told him what i was spending my fun money on this month.

we're both getting new backpacks from the army surplus site. i would get another used one, but they fall apart after 50 years of use. so i'm getting a replica. it's big enough to hold my laptop and a water bottle and a towel and my wallet. really all i travel with. with pockets for my smokes and phone and keys. i may get a Clash patch for it, but it comes with a black star silk screened on. and aesthetically there is only room for one patch. and i want to put my swedish flag patch on it. we'll see how big the Clash patch i want is. maybe both can fit.

wow, i really get caught up in the small details of things. maybe that's why i can't get unpacked. doc and i are doing the kitchen tonight. oh yay.

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