Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

no NCIS re-runs on tuesdays

i found some o my tiggers, and my box of gargoyles. they are n my room waiting to be unpacked. i have three large garbage bags full of stuffed animals that all need to be un-bagged and added to my bed situation.

one of the guys' friends has a wood, lion claw table and high backed chairs that he's willing to give us. cool. a smaller dining room table that will fit in with the wood i've got. i i call it Thrift Store Chic. a nice wood futon couch and a shelf from ikea. a cabinet from ikea with a custom paint job, an antique buffet. and the infamous alphabet table will be set up soon.

i still don't know what i will put on the walls. we have a lot of art. i might put kelli's purple and yellow in the entry hall with the purple cabinet. the living room might stay plain for a while. i know i'll hang my poster of Death and silk hanging of Ghost in the Machine in my room, i just don't know where.

the curio cabinet with the mirrored back inside and glass shelves is going in my room, with blue lights around the inside of it to reflect into the room. that way i can have my lights without destroying the ceiling. doc's words, "destroying the ceiling". i don't think the holes are even visible in the popcorn ceiling.

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