Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Simon the Terrible

or Simon the Mischeivious, whichever you prefer. depending on how much you like to dance through the sand and pine needles with the cat trying to get it to come in.

we ended up having a party sunday, it just happened a few hours later than planned. simon goto out twice. once he went for the eight foot side of the fence, couldn't make the jump and got cornered at the netting on the gates. so i was able to pick him up and bring him in. but simon is a Very Clever Cat and watched doc going in and out and got the rythym of it gand got out again. this time going for the six foot wall of the fence and getting up and taunting us.

we let him run wild for a while, we had little choice. after a while i went out to the driveway and called him and he meowed at me from atop the 8 foot wall. goofy cat. we tried to herd him for a while, but after four dogs, a horse and several farm hands had no luck, doc and i gave up and let hit flit around the back yard.

after a time, he lay down next to a tree stump in the yard and stared at me. i went over and sat on the ground and talked to him for fifteen minutes until he came over to me and let me pick him up and take him inside.

at least i know he will come home if he gets out.

the next morning we were sitting outside on the patio and heard a plaintive mewling. there was a kitten stuck in the treehouse next door. so i met the neighbors and doc climbed the wall and rescued the kitten. it was theirs. such a cute thing. they said it learned how to use the dog door and they hadn't seen it all night. it was so cute, big blue eyes, siamese mix. lovely little thing.

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