Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the newest on the drama

when we moved in here, mike gave us money for the month. not the full rent, or the deposit, but a chunk of rent. doc told him when this began, he would get the money back when he left. doc is taking out some for mike not cleaning his room when he left the old place and leaving a bunch of garbage in his room. mike does not know this yet, but that's not germane to the story. what is, is that mike gets the money when he leaves, this has been established.

this morning, on his way out of the house, he told doc he needs all the money back to put a deposit on the dorm he's moving into. i'm not sure what doc said back to him, but mike left angry and doc was steamed. hours later, as he was putting his shoes on for work, he was still going on about the nerve of mike.

mike still isn't home from work. i'd be home packing if i were him. we still have faith he'll have all of his stuff out saturday. part of the party sunday is to take anything he leaves here out to the curb for trash pickers to go through.

i wonder if he knows how serious doc is. he doesn't say anything, so there's no knowing what he's thinking. he has a mutual friend of doc's at work, and doc could easily call the guy and find out what's going on, but he doesn't want to involve him. good move. doc stays the good guy.

if all goes well, this time next week, i'll be sitting here without pants on, enjoying the freedom of not living with an anti-social sociopath. you'd think he'd have more charisma. freak. he does not give me a good impression of republicans. i thought our political differences made us better friends. no, he just sees me as a burden on society. a "fixture", he called me. dickhead.

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