Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

boxes and bags everywhere

we're not unpacking a lot of stuff until after mike leaves. i am finding the things i need, though. i located the cutting boards so doc can prep and marinate the meat for the grill on sunday. i think i found the box where the plates are, but i need three hands to get to it, so i'll wait until doc gets home to get that out.

i hung the laundry up outside that we washed over at Brooklyn's place. it was dry in a half an hour. and it smells delicious. like i imagine lions smell with the hot and the sand and the air.

i keep talking about how happy the cats are here, and they are. but i've noticed a change in them that i think might be a reflection of the recent change in me. even jack is being affectionate towards me, which he never really has been. they are all more affectionate. especially freddie, who is my constant companion when she's awake. she even gets along with felix now, so the two of them don't fight over me. he gets my lap and she gets the couch next to me.

simon is still hiding all day. he'll come out of it. i can't find him today, but i know he didn't get out. he's just found a new place to sleep. he gets up when mike goes to bed and walks around the house like he owns it and sits in front of the sliding glass door looking out wistfully. he lets me and doc pet him and he let doc give him some steak last night. he was sitting in my window. simon was, not doc. that would be funny, doc sitting in my window. hee.

doc got a small area rug for the bathroom but it's too big. i was bummed, but then i noticed it would look awesome in front of the sink in the kitchen.

yesterday when it was raining, i went into the shed to hear the rain on the tin roof. it was so cool. i forgot about the sound of the rain on a tin roof. there is a happy noise. yep yep.

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