Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


so we're having an informal gathering (or, "witnesses"), on saturday. that's the day mike is supposed to leave, according to the plans he told doc.

i'm so used to worrying about simon, it's hard to relax and just realize he's safe in the laundry room, hiding. i put his ding on him. it matches his eyes. he also has a rabies tag on it, so no one will think he's a stray, should he get out again.

we got really lucky and found dings at the dollar store. and they are safety collars, too. so a really good buy. and i got a new wand toy, because it doesn't seem that they can get enough of them. i may go back and get another for later when this one has lived its life span out.

i get to meet B, our new roommate on thursday or friday. he's going to pastry school, dreamy. he's a vet. even cooler. and he's a nice, polite, guy. he collects 1800s guns, and i can't wait to see it. i really hope he likes the room and doesn't mind sharing a bathroom with me. it would be great if he could move in this weekend, since he's homeless right now and crashing on a friend's floor.

god, what is worse than a homeless vet? he served our fucking country, he deserves much better than that. i won't mind doing his dishes or cleaning the bathroom up after him. i owe him at least that much. and a big hug and a thank you.

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