Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the great simon hunt

so tonight is the great simon hunt. i will get my cat back. period.

doc is out getting us food. he stayed home and we unpacked and cleaned some stuff. we also took a nap. he fell asleep in his chair and i curled up on the couch until i realized i had a bed to go to. a couple hours later we got up and had coffee.

this whole thing with mike has really brought doc and i together.

also, my staying. i told him last night how glad i was to have stayed and he really is my best friend and i didn't want to leave him. kind of poured out my heart to his open ears. it was nice to be heard by him.

we've been getting along with each other. laughing off tense moments like we used to. not getting offended at everything we say to each other. he says i've really changed.

i think i just needed to make the decision to leave and change to get out of the rut i was so deep into. i was really low. i won't even read the journals from the last few months, and i swear, i don't know how you guys read it. thank you all for your comments and support and advice. it really means a lot to me, even though i haven't been responding to replies. i just never knew what to say. i feel my words coming back.

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