Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i woke up in my bed this morning. freddie was in my window watching the birds in the tree.

simon got out again last night. he got out the night before and i caught him. i only hope i'm that lucky again. doc keeps leaving the front door open in a haze. soon the screen door will be fixed and it won't be a problem. now there's just catching simon again. no one will mistake him for a stray, he's half shaved, obviously he's owned by someone. i'll catch him.

the simple joy of going out and sitting in the sun and having a cigarette with my morning coffee. it was gorgeous.

sunday is zero hour for mike. we're having people over in case he tries not moving out, we're going to put his stuff outside.

i think i forgot to tell you the part where i destroyed a TV. mike gave us his big TV when he got a new one, and i had it set up for the cable guy. mike said, "oh, i see you're using my TV, whore." and i told him to take it back. he told me to move it, since it would be funny. i told him i wouldn't move it, i'd drop it before i let him take it back and he laughed at me, so i tipped it over and onto the floor. okay. stupid. but i do stupid stuff when i'm pushed into a corner.

doc and i are getting a flat screen in a couple of months, so i'm not worried about it. it means i don't have a TV in my room, but i've been sleeping well without it.

i have to start unpacking today. doc helped me pack, so everything is in every box and no box is labeled. ugh. it will be like christmas.

we his the milk from mike so he doesn't keep giving it to his cat. it must have worked because he didn't have cereal for breakfast today. too bad. had to be a prick. we also put the brita container away until he leaves because he refuses to fill it and it is a big point of contention with me.

doc is all about avoiding further confrontation. he is killing mike with kindness. mike and i are under strict orders not to speak to or at each other, which is fine with me. i'm to the point where if he comes after me again, i'll stab him. or i'll call the cops and tell them he's barricaded in his room with a gun. not a lie, he has a rifle in there. motherfucker pisses with me again, i'll get him shot. i'm not fucking around.

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