Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

he did it!

there is a hold deposit down on the house we looked at saturday with the medium sized room i declared would be mine. there is a moving van reserved and paid for. doc and i go in and pay the rest of the deposit and pick up the keys friday.

AND he stayed home and packed with me yesterday. i learned that we have a lot of CDs. we both learned that we have a lot of dust.

there have been snags. so far there is a staple gun embargo in my room. set down by doc. we'll have to discuss that further before i buy stock in a thumb tack company. he's putting off (see? i knew This would happen,sigh) getting a washer and dryer. he wants to get the car fixed now. like right now. i don't see the rush, now that we're moving without it. it's been two months.

B came over and checked out the car last night. reset the transmission settings in the CPU and told doc to drive it today and see how it went.

B was also telling us horror stories about the white trash tweakers living in the area we are moving into.

and yes, i am bitter that every time i go to and from the house, i will be passing Dreamy House that was only $150 more a month. and i will surely seethe at the sight of the new people when someone rents it and moves in.

so i was trying to think of a new fantasy to have. here, it's been space ship. interior. i was just going to keep that, but with the bars on the windows and doors and the high cinder block walls at the new house, i'm thinking more of an end of the world/"safe" zone kind of scenario.

bars on the windows. heh. and the front door opens to a little porch, and the barred door blocks the porch from the driveway. so i could stand in the open door and talk to someone without ever getting near them. that just screams end-of-the-world to me.

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