Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


we're going to look at two houses tomorrow. one has a garage that's been converted into a bedroom. i don't see how that is at all practical when it's 108 out, but okay. sounds intriguing. they are both houses that i found. the dreamy house i found last night will have to wait, or there will be another.

the most important thing is that these units are both vacant, so there is a chance we can pay partial month's rent and start moving in immediately. plus we'll heve a place for ragdoll to recuperate from her shave down.

"her". doc contends that ragdoll is a him. i was trying to check yesterday, but that didn't go over very well with ragdoll. though i think i saw a pair of fuzzy little bollocks. so doc may be right about this one, though i still question his way of coming to that conclusion.

plus we need to take leeloo to the vet and get her leg checked out. she's been favoring it, but a couple of days ago she started this little limping move. at 14, i'm a bit surprised it's taken this long for her to need a visit to the vet. aside from shots and such. but she's never been sick or hurt. until now and that paw.

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