Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so it's one pm. and he's still not up. i guess he's not going to be looking at properties today or calling the realtor. and likely not going to the smoke shop, either.

oh, now he's up. great. with two hours wake up time and a half an hour getting ready, there is no way he can get anything done today. magic.

why am i doing this to myself? oh yeah, i have no bus fare and nothing to pack in.

he's being all friendly today. super nice. it makes me sick. i know it's all fake.

i used to think he controlled the pot because he wanted me to quit and it was his way of weaning me off. now i get that he's just a malicious control freak and there is no way i can win and still smoke pot.

i've been feeding ragdoll in the morning, so i haven't been seeing her at all. tonight i'm going to feed her at 6:30 when she normally comes by and see if i can't get some cuddles from my favorite stray.

freddie is still exhibiting a lot of kitten like playing behavior, but she's also becoming more affectionate. she comes to me for pets and cuddles. she goes to doc for food and climbing on.

felix still has his nose bent out of shape about how much time i'm spending with leeloo and freddie. with leeloo, she's almost 14 and gets whatever she wants, which isn't much. she just likes to cuddle up with me on the couch. felix wants my lap to himself. he went out twice last night. once, he jumped off the balcony, the other time he ran out the front door while i was checking ragdoll's water. i don't know what he does out there, but he's usually only gone a couple of hours. i get the feeling he just wanders around the place, sniffing and playing in the bushes.

god i hate doc so much. i want too much house, and a room i can hide in. never enough space between people. distance, i want distance.

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