Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i smell

seriously. i've taken three showers, scrubbed myself raw with all manner of scented and non-scented soaps, i've changed my clothes and i still stink. i smell like rotting fruit. it is quite annoying and most nauseating. right now my nose is plugged up, so i'm getting a break from myself. i think i'll do a water detox and see if i can't sweat this smell out of me and be rid of it.

isn't ragdoll fabulous looking? imagine how she'll look after a dematting and a bath and brushing. you couldn't really see her eyes, but if you look closely at the big picture, you can see they are blue at least. she was squinting at me, she's afraid of my cameras. she's afraid of anything i hold in my hand that isn't her food dish. i'm cool with that. she'll get over it. she was hanging out on the porch earlier, i heard her when she got down off the bike seat she perches on.

turns out we won't be able to catch her early and put her up with a friend for a couple of weeks while we get her taken care of. the friend, who is a new friend of doc's, had a break in and doc's was one of the names she gave her brother (who is one of the "guys") as a potential suspect. then again, she was naming everybody she knew. so. anyway, now is not the time to trouble her with a problem cat.

i'm making doc call about the house we found. today. no putting it off, i don't want to lose it. it's too fabulous.

doc said once we move we can get a new TV. finally. we've been using trash picked tvs for years. it's time we got a new one and discovered what a clear, properly colored tv show looks like.

felix is mad at me and has spent the past week pouting. freddie has attached herself to me, perching on the arm of the couch i'm always on and climbing on me and generally getting my attention. felix sits in his high spot and meows at me plaintively until i get up and come to him and pet him. it's not that i'm trying to play favorites, on the contrary, felix is my favorite, but freddie is young and trainable so when i have her attention, i want to spend the time teaching her things. nothing fancy, just the difference between her toys (she has 'ball', 'mousie', and 'fishie') and to get them when she's bored and apt to get into trouble hunting tech or felix. his nse is really going to be bent out of shape when ragdoll comes with the new house.

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