Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

three more days

i'll be 43 on saturday. if we have the truck back by then, we're going out to dinner.

i've been trying to get a picture of ragdoll, but she won't hold still long enough and all i get are blurry pictures that don't begin to show her true beauty. her blue eyes are so magnificent, and i can't get a good photo of them. but i'll keep trying.

doc and i are trying to get along. since it's taken so long to get the truck back, we may have to stay here another month. i'm so sick of this place. doc and i had a fight about the master bedroom. it was his idea that i get it, and i was counting on that, then he changed his mind. he doesn't want me to leave, but if i have to share a bathroom with M, there is no way i can stay. it's really stressing me out.

the brakes on the truck are being checked out today. the transmission and the CPU have been replaced. there's another few hundred dollars of work needed but not urgently. there are a few other problems with it, the back gate doesn't open and doc and the guys are going to take it apart and figure out why. just little things. so the buy was a lemon. we have a truck now. the move is in sight.

freddie is doing really well. she still has a big fat belly and a tiny little head. i can't get it in pictures. you really just have to see her to understand, pictures don't do it justice. she's getting taller and longer, her head just isn't growing. she's becoming more affectionate to me and has become a lot less aggro with the other cats. she has absolutely no interest in going outside. i think she had enough of being an outdoor cat.

felix grows more attached to me with each passing day. some days he's down right clingy. he's also become more talkative. he's started going back out at night. once we move, that will stop. no more outside time. mostly all he does when he's out is sit on the porch and guard ragdoll's food from the other strays that come around. he also nags me when it's time to feed ragdoll in the evening. she gets fed two hours before the inside cats. i've also started feeding her during the day, she's a hungry kitty. felix goes to the door and meows when she's out there and then backs off so i can go out and spend time with her. he's too darling.

since we have a car now, i'm keeping my shrink. this takes a load off my mind. i hate changing doctors and i only do it when i absolutely have to. i have an appointment june 12th and at that time, i'll get my sleeper adjusted, because the trazodone is just not reliable. sometimes i sleep like the dead on it, but mostly i am up every hour and it's getting old. so that will be sorted on the 12th. the rest of my meds are doing me really well. my tolerance to xanax has built up to the point where i don't even bother taking it most of the time.

since i got little sleep last night, i took a couple of tylenol pm so i can nap. that was an hour ago and they really aren't affecting me. i'll nap anyway, just not for as long. i've taken too many sedatives for too long. i feel immune to them now. i wonder if when i have my own bed instead of the couch, in my own room, i'll sleep better. i'll know in another month.

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