Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

today calls for a bigger teddy bear

we'll have the truck back next week. all fixed. it needs a transmission and a couple of other small things. with the price of it at auction, and the cost of the repairs/labor, we got a really good deal. the only thing really wrong with it was the transmission. likely why it was abandoned and towed in the first place.

ragdoll and i have had a breakthrough. she was actually affectionate toward me today, not just tolerant. felix is going to be a problem once we adopt her, though. he's jealous already of her, and turns into a brat any time i go out and spend time with her. last night he spent growling at me and not letting me pet him. this morning he was fine again, sleeping with me on the couch. but then i went out to feed ragdoll, since i feed her twice a day now, there is another cat sharing the food. felix copped an attitude with me again. what's he going to be like in the new house when she is a fixture? hopefully my plan of moving her in before us and the cats will work. i know he'll get used to her. eventually.

we're staying here through may. the house we were considering was section 8, which we are not. so we lost out on that. now doc is looking at more modern places, which is a relief to me. i don't want to downgrade when we move out of here. and to be honest, this place is great, if small. ice maker in the freezer, dishwasher, washer/dryer, fireplace. we're in a nice place. there's just things like the tiny size of the place and the inspections and the no smoking rule. there's a pool and hot tub, but i haven't used them in a couple of years, and won't miss them.

i have to go to the office tomorrow and sign us on for another month here. once we get the truck in our possession, we can go look at places in the mornings before doc has to go to work.

i started taking my sleeper, trazodone, again. doc and i got into a huge fight the other day and it was either move out and leave felix behind or start taking my sleeper again. doc felt that somehow my split sleeping schedule was what was putting off the move. the fight lasted for two hours. it was ugly. i'm staying until we move and get settled, and if things are still fucked between us, then i'm leaving. i'll find a way to keep felix. doc told me he's wanted a divorce for two years. so there's that. we had been getting along, and we kind of are now, but that hurt me and i don't think i'll get over it soon.

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