Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another good morning

when i got up at 5:30, doc was up and i was afraid my morning was ruined, but he went back to bed and i had a glorious morning.

he's out looking at a truck right now. i hope all goes well and he buys it. we need a car like you wouldn't believe. then finding a house will be easier. we can actually go look at places.

one of my meds makes my hands sweat. it's a new sensation. my hands never sweat before in my life. it's really weird.

we're getting a bigger trap for ragdoll. once we get a house, we can catch her and take her over there. let her get used to the place without the other cats, and keep her in quarantine until we can get her checked for disease and get her shots. she's old enough that she may already be spayed. someone once cared a lot about this cat. i think.

freddie is getting more affectionate by the day. in the mornings she comes up and sits on my lap and lets me pet her. she comes into the bathroom when i'm in there, a captive audience, and gets really lovey.

the best thing i found out today is that doc has been socking away money and we'll have enough to move and get ragdoll fixed up. which reminds me, i need to find a groomer today. it shouldn't be too hard finding someone who will work with a problem child. just a quick shave.

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