Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

late at night i feel the best

this move is going to be hard. i was packing tonight and i tried to throw away a few items, only to be stopped by doc, who decided he wanted to keep them. i can see it's going to be packing my stuff and leaving his stuff for him. and questionable stuff. i don't want to move all this crap into a nice house, just to crap it up like the apartment is.

he's also not looking at the housing ads like i ask him to. i narrow it down to a few choices, but he refuses to look. it's driving me batty. i want all of my stuff packed by the time kelli gets here on the 26th. it would also be nice if we knew where we were going to move to by then. i do not want to wait until the last minute. and doc seems determined to drag it out and make it as difficult as possible.

in other news, i have another stray cat. it's a ragdoll with long fur that's all matted. it has the most beautiful blue eyes. we're going to move it into the house before the others so they will maybe accept it. that's after we take it to the vet and find out what sex it is and get it fixed, then to a groomer to get shaved. she comes up every night to eat and lets me pet her and meows at me. i'm so in love. who would give up such a beautiful cat? she's fully grown.

doc is home, time to end this.

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