Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what do you mean it's only 38 out?

my head is finally starting to clear. the only thing i took today were my proper meds.

this could just be a side effect of the new anti psychotic. i read the list of side effects today.

i'm spinning out of control and doc is in firm denial. i just feel like i'm flailing around, drowning. and every time i try to cling to him, he pushes me under.

he thinks i'm like this on purpose. my symptoms made up just to annoy him. "stop it"

i wish kelli was here. she understands. she knows not to say such things. she knows not to say something like that to me because it confuses me. he handled the snake thing badly, too.

what am i doing here? i should be living in a small south side apartment in pittsburgh with kelli. instead i cling to my desert and dead marriage. and a cat. felix goes where i go.

now that my head is clear and my stomach is steady, i think i'm ready for bed. i did chores during my regular napping time and never did catch it up.

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