Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a warmer day

i took a seroquel yesterday and this morning the snakes were gone. so i took another one with my morning meds. soon it will put me to sleep.

kelli's gift still hasn't gotten here. i wanted to mail it early with the xmas music CD she wants so badly. instead i'm waiting on delivery of the gift. i got her an m&m character mug in green, her favorite color. i wanted to fill it with m&ms and send it to her with the CD. maybe it will get here today.

i'm trying to decide whether to do my chores now, or take the seroquel nap now and do my chores when i wake up. i guess i should do them now and get them out of the way. i don't have much to do. clean the kitchen, do the litter box, and vacuum. the whole lot will take me under an hour to do.

i was supposed to do them yesterday, but i passed out at 5 and didn't wake up until after M had gone to bed, so i couldn't do anything.

kelli finally got BBCamerica on her cable. i've gotten her hooked on Top Gear UK. she's seen the american version on the history channel, and it doesn't compare at all. the only thing they have in common is cars and three hosts. so she's been watching it whenever she can. they play it a lot.

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