Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another schizy day in paradise

doc is staying with me half the day. we got into an argument over the snakes on the floor. he insists he can't see them and keeps telling me i know they're not there. i don't know that. it's all so frustrating.

doc is paying for my meds today. i'm out of money after paying rent and my shrink bill. i still have two weeks until my check comes. i don't know how people live on a fixed income. if it weren't for doc, i would never eat and i couldn't have cats. since we separated our money, i've learned an important lesson. once my meds are steady and working, i think it's time i try to get a part time job. i still have another doctor bill to pay. maybe next nnonth.

i don't have enough to get doc a xmas present. i wanted to get him something, i don't know what. a guitar, maybe. that's all he really wants.

this laptop was my early xmas present. even though i used my money to get it, doc covered for me that month. i'm still figuring things out about this computer, so every day i play with it is like xmas.

i don't like being poor. all the polititians talk about is the rich and the middle class, no one has anything to say about the poor. except Newt, and he's not helpful at all. the GOP makes me sad.

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