Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's chilly out, tonight

but it got up to 70 today. i chose to go for a walk after dark, so i was really cold. it was windy. it may be time to break out one of my leather jackets. and maybe tried to find my gloves. if i'm going to carry an icy cold soda back with me through the cold wind, gloves would be a really good idea.

i have to choose a night to walk up to the lighted cactus garden at Ethel M's chocolate factory. they have this wild cactus garden, fun to look at on its own. but at xmas time they wrap each cactus and tree in thousands of colored lights. i'm going to try to video it. the first real test for my video cam. then, when you are done in the garden, you can walk a path through the building, see into the production room and end up in the candy store, where they are generously giving out samples. kelli and i went one year. but i really think i can do this by myself. there's some sketchy part i have to walk by, but i'll walk on the lit side of the road.

doc got me chili cheese dogs over the weekend, which i had the last one of this morning for breakfast. then, last night he brings home hashed browns, totally undercooked. i slapped those in a frying pan and cooked them properly. they were delicious. the best kind of cooking, no prep, just cook and eat. i have to clean the pan tomorrow. i didn't get to it before M went to bed. and i'm not doing anything that makes noise. the tv woke him up around 4 last night. and he came out and told doc rather sternly to turn it down. i think he was expecting to be stern with me. but i was asleep. his tone of voice and volume of it woke me up. then doc made sure i was awake so he could tell me i'd left the volume too loud an hour before when i went to sleep. nice. he had an hour to change it, but he had to make sure i knew in my bleary state that it was my fault. it's things like that that make me want to dip his hand in warm water when he's sleeping.

we are out of dry cat food until doc gets home tonight. so all the cats are out and about waiting for it. felix, leeloo, jack and freddie calmed down a little bit when the wet food came out at 8, but tech and max, who don't eat the wet food, are still up my nose. tech is beating me in the head with his tail as i type this. freddie just keeps jumping up on the couch, running across me, and then boinging on to somewhere else. they are by no means starving, they've been out of dry food for about 5 hours now. tech and max got milk. but you'd think they were dying. especially if you talk to felix about it, he's the most voiciferous of the bunch about it. in half an hour, doc will be home and the problem will be solved.

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