Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

damn it's cold

it's my favorite time of day, dawn. i'm up because doc left a nature show on tv when he went to bed and it woke me up. i quickly changed it to MSNBC, listening to a debate on frakking and oil sands.

i missed the republican debate last night, on purpose. it occurred to me that i was way too interested in a race that will not be run for a year. what happens now barely matters. most of it won't even be remembered a year from now. not by me, anyway.

i can't even listen to the Sandusky sex abuse scandal story. the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

there's just not a lot of news, or so you would think if you relied on the tv. i plan to spend today on the internet researching the politics of the companies we buy from. taking a break from news. yesterday i slept, and watched bad movies. i don't know if there are any bad movies i i like on today. maybe i'll catch up on Sons of Anarchy. the guys recently got doc hooked on it.

freddie is turning into a little butter ball. she doesn't seem to spend that much time eating, but she does do a lot of sleeping. i should play with her more and get her a workout. she learned that the toys are kept in the cat bed. she doesn't put them back, of course, but she does know where to go to get herself something to play with. she's clever. you only need to show her something once and if she's interested, she learns it like that. if she's not interested, i don't try. she is just a cat.

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