Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

never assume?

we thought freddie ran away last night. so we spent a half an hour chasing someone else's cat through the complex. when doc got home this morning, freddie was sitting inside the door, waiting for him. totally confusing.

i ate two cheese burgers for breakfast today. the second one was a mistake. i feel so sick. the first one just tasted so good, i went for the second. which didn't taste as good. my stomach is getting fat again. i need to go back to yogurt and bananas. if i thought throwing up would help, i would go do that in a second. also, if i thought i wouldn't lose my morning meds while i was at it. oh, wait, i may not have a choice. nope, i'm going to keep it down. i've been throwing up way too much lately. not on purpose, either.

these sexual scandals are wearing on me. i've not been watching the news because of it. i've been watching a lot of gordon ramsey. he teaches me how not to cook. he's too fancy, i don't think i'd like much that he prepares, but i've learned secrets of curry and how not to over complicate dishes.

so the cats are all home, all off sleeping in various places. i think i'll go find one and love it and cuddle it.

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