Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another good day

i'm having another good day. i can't believe how low i was a week ago. the only thing i'm bummed out about is i have to iron. ick.

i've cleaned up and changed the litter box and taken out the trash and done a bunch of other stuff on my list of chores. doc is either at work or out sorting the flat tire on the scooter. he called and i missed it. he accidentally turned the volume of my cell ringer down and it fades into the tv when it rings so i miss all the calls. and vexing no end is the fact that i can't figure out how to turn the volume back up. i'll have to remember to ask him to do it tonight.

crime of the century: the cats are temporarily out of food. they have one of those non-stop feeders, so it never runs out unless we run out of food to refill it with, which we have. they eat out of boredom a lot so they are all going crazy. jack, leeloo and freddie almost chewed my fingers off while i was giving them treats just now. leeloo actually bit me hard. she is a zombie cat. if i ever die alone here, she will start to chew on me, i know it.

freddie still hasn't figured out the cat door. she has even tried following the other cats out of it, but never gets to it in time and just doesn't get that she needs to push on it. she sits in front of it and stares at it, but hasn't figure it out yet, it's really funny.

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