Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mid 50s today with bright sunshine

friend induced chaos was in effect last night. summary: flat tire on the scooter. doc had to ride his bike and the bus to work today. and his knee has been hurting him, i feel so bad for him. but at least he'll be on the bus instead of out in the cold for most of the trip back.

i'm having another good day. i haven't done a damn thing but sleep and smoke and drink soda. and play with and love on the cats. have to do that daily. they insist. they're all so cute. even jack let me give him love today, and i'm usually not permitted to touch him. he likes doc and S. and that's it. if i catch him in the right mood, he let's me pet his back and tail and talk to him. i talk to the cats all the time. they don't talk back. i'm not that crazy a cat lady.

people in this town are crazy. or maybe it's just the people we know. or maybe it's this weird place in the desert.

i think i'm gonna call kelli.

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