Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

happy halloween!

aside from a couple hours last evening, i haven't slept yet. even doc's home in bed. but he has to work in a few hours, so he should be in bed. all the cats are hiding and asleep. only M and i are up. and he just got up. i'm going to assume he got a job and that's why he's been getting up early and leaving all day. i'd ask him, but i don't know if he's speaking to me and i don't want to deal with any harshness in case he isn't.

the sad thing is, i'm not even tired. i don't want to stay up until dawn, i guess i should take more sleeper. it's been hours since i had any. though that will make the morning rough, we're out of milk for coffee. i will drink it black if i have to, but if i'm not droopy, i can just go up and get a soda. i somehow doubt that doc will be up early enough to go get milk. i really need to learn to drive the scooter. then i could just go up to the real store and get milk myself.

i think i'll go find felix and lay down for a while.

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