Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

let's see if i can do this without felix sitting in my lap

every time i go to make an entry, felix jumps up in my lap and sits on the keyboard.

got a couple hours sleep last night and a couple today. i've been up since 4am, just watching tv. i went for a walk earlier and got a soda and a pack of cigarettes for doc. after he got up i fell asleep until right before he left. once he was gone, felix jumped in my lap and we took a nap together. he's such a cuddle kitty. he got up on the couch when i woke up at 4, wanting to curl up and go to sleep, but i was up by then and didn't feel like laying back down at the time, cuddle kitty or no.

a few years ago we got kelli an m&m mug for xmas. she broke it the other day. i found another online and i'll get her that for xmas this year. i thought i'd have to go to the m&m shop and replace it, but they have it in the online store. so now i have kelli's present, i just have to order it.

i'm spending the day sober, which sucks. there's beer in the fridge, but i don't like being drunk. i'd rather be sober. actually, i'd rather be asleep.

i can't believe it's the weekend already. M is at his girlfriend's place for the next couple of days. i'm developing a pathological fear of him. if he's going to accuse me every time he misplaces some pot, i can't deal. he's been civil to me, we were never really friends. i wish we lived alone. as roommates go, he's a good one, but the recent ugliness has me paranoid. and paranoid is not what i need or want. it can only develop into a deeper paranoia until it's not real at all, just in my head.

i've been trying to twitter, but i'm just not clever enough. i have no references to news articles or anything to plug and that seems to be what twitter is for. i gave up entirely on facebook, i didn't like the changes they made. so that just leaves lj. and i've been with it almost ten years. i don't feel any pressure to get comments, i don't even know how many people actually read this, and i really don't care, this is a good place to get it out.

i threw up this morning and haven't been hungry since. i know i should eat something, but the thought of food makes me positively ill. i guess the stomach flu is better than a full on cold. kelli has a head cold and i do not envy her one little bit.

i've been chain smoking, and i have to stop it. i actually had to use the inhaler today. i smoked so much i couldn't breathe. now i'm trying to moderate my smoking so i don't give myself lung cancer in a week.

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