Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

only 60 today

i slept! a full night. i took some PM pills with my sleeper. not something i want to make a habit of, but it worked. i have to tell my shrink the sleepers aren't working anymore. it feels so good to have slept more than a couple of hours at a time. felix slept with me as usual. i don't understand how he can be comfortable with the squished positions he has to get into to fit on the couch with me. then again, he manages to sit in my lap while i'm using the laptop. silly kitty.

freddie played with her tinsel ball for a while this morning for my and doc's entertainment. she threw the ball in the water dish, she stepped in the water dish at one point. which reminds me, i need to change their water. it gets all furry over the course of the day with jack and freddie dipping their paws into the water before they drink. jack actually drinks from his wet paw. freddie just plays in the water and then sticks her face in it.

i didn't dream last night, either. that also was refreshing. the dreams just wake me up, or haunt me when i wake up. i mean, i know i dreamed, they just didn't bug me and i didn't remember any of them this morning.

i woke up with a start, though. i didn't have my glasses on and thought the clock said 1:02 and jumped up, wondering if i had slept through doc's leaving for work. i put my glasses on and saw that it was 10:20 and calmed right down. i made coffee and took some in to doc, who was sort of awake.

there's no doubt about it, i have a cold. i'm hacking up stuff of a very unnatural color and my throat hurts. it got down to 49 last night and i felt pretty warm in my sweatshirt and blanket. but when i woke up i was freakishly cold. doc and i discussed turning on the heat and decided not to until later in the season. something about enjoying the break in electricity cost for a bit while the a/c is off. i agree. i've got plenty of clothes i can layer.

i have to go for a walk today and get smokes. i'll get a soda, too. doc brought home crumbly donuts the other day, so i don't need to get a donut at the store. i like to get them, a glazed donut is only fifty cents. by far the cheapest thing at the store. but like i said, i already had a crumbly donut today.

i also have five tacos and a half a cheese steak to eat. doc brought home all kinds of take out for me. i think he's learning that i don't like to cook for myself. and the only way i'll eat is if it's take out. it's not expensive, he uses coupons and i don't eat often.

i have to iron today. i've been putting it off and it has completely piled up. doc has nothing to wear to work. i know i should iron more often, but i hate it so much i put it off.

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