Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

only in the 60s today

M was civil to me today when i saw him. i'm mad at him for accusing me of stealing from him again. i did it once and i learned my lesson. make one mistake and you're guilty for the rest of your life. i just don't want M to get mad enough to move out. i would totally blame myself. still. why he had to go there is beyond me. he says weed was missing from wherever it was and naturally it was my fault. whatever.

it's been over a week since i had a good night's sleep. i was feeling very unstable today and made doc stay home half the day with me. i slept for about an hour and i've been up since he left. tonight i'm going to double my sleeping meds so i can get a full night's sleep. i'm in a state of half delirium most of the time lately and i hate it. insomnia sucks. and it doesn't help my psychosis any.

the cats are all getting along. freddie spends most of her days in the bedroom and sleeps in my spot on the bed at night. felix sleeps on the couch with me. jack still seems afraid of his twin, she's still rather aggro with him. felix will slap fight with her if he has to, but mostly he just avoids her. doc insists she's getting bigger, but i don't see it. to me she's still tiny. especially when compared to say, tech, who is three times her size at least. it's funny to watch this wee black shadow chasing and cowing big ol' tech.

i think i can sleep a bit now. i stayed awake to watch a show, but i've been pretty much ignoring it, so i may as well nap.

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