Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

not so bored anymore

i talked to kelli. she entertained me with recaps of the Walking Dead and tales of her cold.

it's almost 5. time for NCIS. i still haven't done my chores. i'll do them during NCIS, i've seen them all anyway. i just love the characters. they feel familiar after all this time. and i can trust them never to talk to me.

the tv talking to me is a great fear of mine. it's happened a couple of times and though i felt it normal at the time, looking back on it, it scares me to death. that will mean i'm really losing it. the medication is not working and i'm losing what's left of my mind. so i'm glad when i find shows that i trust no one will talk to me. it's why i don't watch the news so often. people looking into the camera and talking to you, when does it get too personal? when does the line get crossed? see, i'm not sure. so i can't mess around.

the local news really messes me up because they are talking about things happening around here. and i hate when the weather lady answers me. i know it's just by chance, eventually.

the a/c goes on every day at 5. the rest of the house is cool, in here, it's quite warm and the thermostat is in here. 5 is the hottest hour of the day here, usually. even though the highs are getting only into the mid 80s, it heats up in this living room that would make one think it would be warm all winter, which it is not. in the winter it's the coldest room in the apartment. that's why we got a small space heater last year. we position it to keep our feet warm. i use it in the mornings to huddle up against, because i wake up cold. even in the summer. i sleep cold. it can be hotter than hell, and i'll leave my blanket off, and it never fails that i wake up freezing and have to wrap up in the blanket. on the couch in the mornings, i wake up, cuddle up in my blanket and snuggle with felix. he's started sleeping on the couch with me instead of on the bed alone. plus freddie sleeps up there now.

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