Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

sun up time

i used to dream about sunrise in the valley. in fact, i still do. i guess that's why when i wake up around dawn, i stay up. doc got home at 5 and i was just making coffee. he told me to go to bed. i told him i'd just gotten up. he stayed up for a little while and then claimed needing sleep. as if humans need sleep.

M's not getting much sleep this morning, tech is wanting in and out of his bedroom, and since his door is shut, he has to keep getting up to let him in and out. that cat is out of control. he gets everything he wants from M, makes our spoiled cats look neglected.

so, iraq is basically kicking us out, how about that? we know when we're not wanted, heh. we'll just pack up our guns and go home and stop letting them kill us. so there. doc says he doesn't believe it. i wonder.

i wonder if felix is outside. he disappeared when i got up. maybe he's in on the bed in protest. i checked outside when the sun started to come up and the sprinklers went on. no felix. now that it's light enough to see the bed, i can check. if he's not there, i'll go for a little stroll and look for him around the complex.

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