Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

fall type weather

two eggrolls and four crab rangoons for breakfast. you know chinese food is good because you can reheat it and it still stays good.

freddie is the terror of the apartment. jack is the only one that doesn't swipe back at her when she goes after him. felix holds his own with her. freddie is so comfortable here, it's like she never wasn't here. ew, double negative. let's just pretend it's old english, where double negatives were used for emphasis.

i know i did a lot of chores yesterday, but i feel like all i did was sleep.

tomorrow is a possible apartment inspection. yay. smoking outside all day waiting for someone to come in and look around. check the smoke detectors but not do anything about the fact that they don't work. it happens every year. some years they don't even get to this apartment. i think they just skip about. and the cats will all be out, that will suck. i'm thinking of locking them in the closet but there is the slightest chance they will kill each other or trash the closet. i don't know, i'll discuss it with doc tonight.

i made doc mad last night by asking him to take the day off december 3 to take me to the doctor. he gets FMLA for things like this, i don't know what his problem is. he takes me a different way each time we go and wonders why i'm so disoriented about it. he should just shut up and do it. that's harsh, but he's the one who made the commitment. and when he does "stay home to be with me", he goes over to the boys' house. some suicide watch. one day, when things get desperate enough, i'll just OD while he's over there and be gone by the time he gets home.

sunday he called me at 8 about chinese food, i ordered some, i was starving. he didn't get home with it until 2. by then the smell of it made me sick and i couldn't eat it. big shock, he got upset.

*burp* ooh, eggrolls. ick not as fun as the first time.

there is this magnifying glass icon on my mouse in windows 7 and it just kind of arbitrarily decided to magnify and shrink windows for no good reason. i can't figure out how to make it stop or reverse its damage. any thoughts, let me know.

i'm hungry again. i could have a bologna sandwich but, i'm afraid they won't mingle in my tummy very well.

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