Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

just more stuff

i didn't sleep. i did my chores. then i stuffed some cigarettes. the rest of my tubes are damaged, so i can't stuff any more. then i made myself some fried ramen noodles for dinner. they were good. we're out of steak sauce now, though. i have to remember to tell doc that the next time he goes to the store. then i watched rachel maddow and fed the cats wet food. now i just have to get through this next hour of news (why is 7pm a tv dead zone?) and then a new NCIS comes on.

fascinating life. i can't even read that back because i'm pretty sure i'll cry. maybe the time has come to up my anti depressant to 40mg. i'll be on that dose soon. today i took my last pristiq. we had a good run, low side effects. except it allowed the overwhelming fatigue to take over. i'm kind of dealing with that now, since i'm on a lower dose of both. once i'm on 40mg a day of the vybriid, i'll stop with the napping all the time. i'm still sleeping on the couch. it will take much nagging of doc to get me to stop that. i just won't nap on it all day. i have to find something to do with my hands.

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