Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

fred and the cats

fred the no-longer-stray cat is recuperating nicely. she is asleep in the bathroom on the bathmat. we tried to give her a tshirt and towel, but she preferred the rug. she hasn't eaten, though she has used the litter box. she's all wonky from her pain meds and i'm trying to leave her alone to sleep, even turning the bathroom light out. her bloodwork was fine and the surgery went well. not only was she pregnant, but she was in heat again. we had her spayed just in time.

we also got her microchipped, so if she ever runs away we can find her. so long as someone is able to catch her. she's going to be wary of humans for a while after this. she cuddled with doc for a while, she really adores him. she also got her rabies shot, so it's time to get her a collar for her home again tag and her rabies tag.

next, leeloo goes in for a check up and her shots. then felix for his. then jack. the vaccinations are only $10 each, so it will only be twice that per cat, plus the check up charge for leeloo. i'm not taking any more chances with the health of these cats. we want them around as long as possible. and leeloo is 13. if not older. she's healthy as an ox, though. nice and chubby, still with all of her teeth. i'm not too worried about losing her. i know it will happen eventually, but it isn't something she's rushing towards.

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