Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

headed for fall, for real

i woke up on the couch again today around 8. fred's cage was on the chair next to my head and she had had a rather stinky accident in there. so i got up and cleaned that up while she ate. then put her back in the cage. i hate to do it, but she's been trying to nest, find a safe, dark place to have her kittens. and we can't be losing her in the clutter. after her scar heals after saturday, she can have free reign, but until then, i'm afraid i have to keep her in the cage when she isn't eating. she almost got away from me last night behind the craft table, but i got her out just in time before she disappeared.

i was in the mood to talk last night when doc got home, but he wasn't. he was snarky to me and then retreated into a computer game once he came in and sat down. it was sad for me but i went to sleep and got over it.

it's been hot here, relatively speaking. 100 degrees for the past few days. now a cool down is coming with 80s called for and a chance of rain. i could handle a rainy weekend. especially if it's going to be cooler behind it. the summer went by really fast. no matter how it seems like time is dragging each day, they pass quickly. and then you look at the date on the onscreen tv guide and realize september is almost over.

we got fred just in time. i wanted to get her before halloween because she's black and a target. we once had a vet who took in black cats in october and wouldn't adopt them out until after the holiday. the administrator in the office who started it got write ups in the local paper and everything. she would be very proud of us for saving fred.

i'm just glad we saved her because she is a kitty in distress that was near starvation, that needed a home. further pushing the genetic line of jack hypothesis, she drinks water with her paws and plays in it like jack does. it's eerie.

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