Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

up with the cats

fred spent yesterday and last evening out of her kennel and in the living room asserting her cuteness. then she spent the night in her kennel and i just let her out a bit ago. after eating and drinking, she is now under doc's chair lounging.

i slept on the couch again and again, mentally i feel great. no panic attack, no paranoia or confusion. it's wonderful. i think i'll make some coffee before i finish this, though.

yes! there was enough coffee left to have a cup while i wait for the new pot to brew. what a morning, gorgeous. got my meds taken. it's all coming together.

i wonder what time doc went to bed last night. he played with fred. she sits on his lap and cuddles with him. she won't do that with me. sure, i feed her and let her out of her cage, but i also took her to the vet and give her the medication. she's generally wary of everything since we let her into the living room with the rest of the cats. so she's no longer the bundle of love she was in the bathroom when she was alone and felt safer. but shades of that shine through and after her surgery and some time, things will be fine. plus, she loves catnip. i'm surprised doc didn't take her kennel to put next to the bed. i put her in the kennel when i started to drift off around 2am.

oh how cute, fred is afraid of the noise of the coffee maker. she'll get over that. i was hoping to get more pictures of her, but she's always under things in dark, close spaces. god only knows where she would find in here to have her kittens, if that were to happen. but with the way the vet made it sound, i keep waiting to hear the labor meows. that would freak the fuck out of the rest of the cats.

since she hisses at all of them unprovoked, all of the cats leave fred alone. even tech the bully. he actually ran from her yesterday afternoon. i don't know what she said in her little kitty language to him, but it worked.

she is wary of furniture and won't sit on it or lay on it. she likes to lay in front of the cat door, not realizing there's a door there, which causes quite a kerfluffle with the others who won't cross her hissing line but want to get out.

this is much easier than i thought it would be. i thought we'd have a hissing, hostile ball of hate and fear on our hands. instead we have this little bundle of affection who is trying t be brave. she isn't hiding under the chair, she comes out to eat and wander around and sniff things.

she gets her nails clipped saturday after her spaying. she needs it, but i haven't dared because i don't think we're at that level of trust yet.

enough about fred. and this early i have nothing else to talk about, she is consuming my life. happily.

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