Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a new member of the family

there is a picture up and there will be more at my twitter page @cydniey of fred the feral cat. we caught her this morning. we think she ran into the cage when the landscapers came unexpectedly on a monday morning, and got trapped. she's now in a kitty kennel with a tshirt i sleep in, a small litter box and food and water. she's asleep right now, using the food can as a pillow.

she's nowhere near as wild as we thought she would be. she hisses at the other cats when they get near the kennel, but she's been nothing but loving to doc and i. she has a sore on her neck and seems to be pregnant, which are things that need to be taken care of. she's the size of a 1 year old, way too small to have a litter of kittens. she may die and with the starvation diet she's been on, the kittens would surely die were they born. that's too much heartbreak for me. so we'll get it taken care of when she's spayed.

i put my face up to the cage once she calmed down and she nuzzled against the bars nearest to it. if i stick my finger through the hole in the bars, she rubs her face and neck against it. so i'm believing that, if even for a brief time, she was domesticated and then just left here when the people moved out. she vocalizes when she hears doc's voice, so she knows to meow at humans. and she's just too tame to be a feral cat. she eats treats and pieces of meat right out of doc's and my hands. she hasn't been scratchy or bitey at at all with us.

i qualified for a safelink phone last night online. so next week i will have my first cell phone. to be used for emergencies. and as a time piece. since i'm on SSI, i qualified for 250 minutes free per month. which i will never use. and text messages. which i will also never use. but i need it if i'm going to start going out on my own and taking the bus by myself. Q turned me onto it. i had seen the commercials, but didn't think i'd qualify. when he told me he had and showed me his phone, i figured i had nothing to lose and went to the site and applied.

time to feed fred again. i want her to eat as much as she wants, i want her to understand that food will always be here for her when she wants it. no more scrounging for meals or going without. she's in a safe place now where she will be loved and cared for. she meows like chloe did, which has completely melted doc's heart.

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