Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

on facebook and other things

it occurred to me when i woke up this morning that facebook is just one big popularity site now. no more about keeping up and catching up, it's all about the popularity so we're ready when they start selling online content to us. i don't want a popularity based social media, too much in life is that. when i read about my online friends, i want it in chronological order. i'm just not comfortable with the new changes, they alienate me. so i left facebook. i'm going back to see if i can delete my account. and i know i'm just one in hundreds of millions and matter not to the creators and decision makers. too bad.

on REM breaking up . . . i'm sad but it was inevitable. not all bands can do a rolling stones thing and keep touring forever. the first song i ever heard by them was Radio Free Europe. it was on a mix tape that was made for me by a much hipper person than i. i fell in love instantly, and have loved everything i've heard by them since. i still like their oldest stuff the best, and the time of that music has ended so i've been kind of without REM for a while. their songs are in my remembering file. i wish them all the best and much peace in the rest of their lives. and here's hoping if there's ever a reunion, it's in vegas.

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