Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yes, kids, triple digit temps

what a good day. i got up late and made coffee barely ten minutes before doc got up looking for coffee.

felix woke me up on the couch at 6am again this morning. i was on the couch. he wakes me up to come to bed. i stayed up until 7 and watched the sunrise.

facebook changed their layout and such. i don't think i'll be using it much any more. i don't like change in general, but i really hate the new facebook. they suck. back to twitter it is. though i have to say tweeting is hard for me because i feel like i have to be clever like all the people i follow. then i realize they don't follow me and i tweet something mundane. i never use the # and i don't link to things. but it's fun to read and the layout is simple and functional and intuitive. just like lj.

i talked to kelli yesterday. she just got back from vacation. she's not visiting this year like we thought she would. she's coming out for spring instead. i, of course, was heartbroken. i miss my best friend. but if i think about it, time goes really quickly with me and spring isn't that far away.

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