Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

92 and dry

we got a brand new shiny blue and silver scooter. it's a bit smaller than the other one. and it has this lame "future champion" decal across one side of the front of the beast. that decal has got to go. even i would feel the loser riding that, i don't know how doc will deal with it. ignore it, i guess. he doesn't let things like that get to him.

i'll take some pictures of the damage on the other scooter and post them on facebook today. i don't have any FTP programs or any picture editing programs set up on this machine yet, and facebook makes it easy. there's a program already on here that lets me download and view my pictures and uploads automatically to facebook. i'm lazy that way. i'll get this set up and start posting pics on here again soon.

i did get my desktop theme and screen saver set up. it took a while to find a theme that doc would work with without cringing, but "architecture" met with approval. and he'll never see the screen saver because he closes the laptop when it isn't in use. i chose "bubbles" as a screen saver, i love the way they don't blank out the screen.

i spent yesterday playing at, when i wasn't dealing with the whole scooter thing. the day before was foo fighters videos on things i couldn't do on my old laptop. i'm also taking great joy in following all twitter links without fear my browser will crash. twitter has totally opened up to me a whole world. i'm mostly following famous people like simon pegg and neil gaiman. as well as, my web server. it really can be fun to follow tweets.

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