Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cool and humid

it only took me a half an hour to wake up today. doc got clever and turned up the beep on his alarm when it went off to get me awake. it worked. i got right up and made coffee and did my daily routine. i feel pretty good. still in sort of a daze, but that's burning off with the coffee.

i went up to the corner store last night and my bill was a dollar seven. i gave the guy two dollars and he gave me one back and told me he had the seven cents covered. rather than give me a handful of change back. nice guy. and it wasn't even the guy who's usually there that's really nice to me. they hire good people there.

if i keep growing my hair, it's just going to grow out into the tangled mess it was before. i should just shave my head and thinning hair be damned. i liked my bouncy curls, but now they're beyond control. i'm not a prodct using type of person. i shampoo, condition and that is it. then i dry my hair with a towel and run my fingers through it. and that's it. that's my hair care regimen. can i own a shaved head like i used to? i'm afraid. i'm afraid my neighbors will think i'm crazier than they already do. what do i care what they think? they are all transitional people. they won't be here long. as long as i can walk tech on the lawn.

i wonder if doc is going to work today. i suppose he is, even though he stayed up past 4:30 last night. he asked if i was going to stay up until 5 and i asked him if he could get up and make coffee on his own and he said yes, but he still woke me up this morning. i know it's easier for him to be brought coffee in bed. but i'd really like for him not to be dependent on it. i want to sleep in sometimes. i guess that's what weekends are for. i slept until three yesterday.

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