Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

112 degrees, normal is 99

bad dental appointment today. the novacaine didn't work thoroughly. root canal with only partial pain block. joy. doc got home with percocet just as the novacaine was wearing off. pain level: 7. now the percocet has kicked in the pain is finally gone and i'm pretty fucked up. next time i just take a half.

M came home today and much to my relief, he's speaking to me. i told him about the tech attack. he was sympathetic. said tech must care about leeloo after all. even though tech spends his free time chasing her around. but that's really her fault, when he's around she gets all aggro and always makes the mistake of running from him. if she'd just stand her ground, he would walk away. he's funny like that.

M is asleep and doc just went over to play with his friends. i am essentially alone. it's a good tv night, top gear is on BBCamerica. a new episode tonight.

i feel all floaty. and my face is sweating unbelievably.

my thoughts and sympathies go out to those on the east coast suffering from the after effects of the hurricane. i tried to get doc to call his folks and make sure everything was okay. he may have after i left for the dentist. i need to call kelli but it's too late to tonight. i spaced the phone call hours, i was in too much pain.

i'm so glad the pain is gone. i'll deal with the floaty feeling in exchange for no pain. gladly.

i need a life. i'm becoming the hall monitor for the lawn and parking lot outside. some guy just moved in who leaves garbage all over the parking lot and a girl with a small dog that doesn't pick up after him. and he shits right where tech likes to hang out and eat grass. so he's been traveling further across the lawn looking for clean grass. our walks have been meandering as a result. he likes to walk through the bushes in front of the building across the way. i follow him and talk to him while he does it. mainly so i don't lose him. that is the last thing i want to tell M, i lost his cat. nightmare scenario.

i looked up our place on google earth and learned that our front steps and scooter are in shadow. hah. even from google earth you can't find me. i need to play with that more. i wanted it so badly on my old laptop, but didn't have the power to run it or the room to install it. now i have it and i'm at a loss. just like i go to the google page to play and my mind goes blank. maybe i need to spend a day randomly surfing the links in the articles in wikipedia. i did that once and killed three hours before i knew time was passing. i also need to go to and read some articles. i get emails from them and they look interesting.

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